Fundraising for Komen Maryland

Planning a Fundraising Event or Activity for Komen Maryland? Start Here!

We are honored to be contacted by passionate members of the community who want to organize an event or promotion to help benefit local breast health programs and scientific research by donating their fundraising proceeds to Komen Maryland.

If you would like to use the Susan G. Komen Maryland name and trademarked logo to promote your event, you will need to complete an application and then sign a Letter of Agreement. Please download and complete the Komen MD Fundraiser Application. Once returned to us, we will review your application and send you a Letter of Agreement to sign. After we receive the Letter of Agreement back from you, we will email you our logo. You can also email us and we will send you the application.

More ways fundraise Komen Maryland:

Option 1: DIY (Do it Yourself) is a convenient way to raise funds for Komen Maryland. Let’s say you have a birthday or an anniversary coming up. You could ask friends and family to make donations to Komen Maryland using the online DIY program. This is also a great option for a jeans day or school fundraiser. Please click here to learn more about DIY fundraising or to register your DIY event.

Option 2: Rally for the Cure® has expanded their well-established golf program to other events. You can now plan a Rally for the Cure® program for sporting events like golf and tennis, dinner events such as wine-tasting or group/club activities such as a bridge or book clubs. Learn how you can become a Rally Ambassador.

Option 3:  If your fundraiser is small, and you don’t need to use the Komen name/logo for promotion, perhaps just make a general statement on your flyer or social media post that the funds raised will go to a local breast health organization or breast cancer research and support. We would be honored to receive those funds. Simply mail your proceeds check to Komen Maryland, 303 International Circle, Ste. 390,  Hunt Valley,  MD 21030 and include a note explaining the check is a result of a fundraising event or promotion.