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Susan G. Komen® Maryland is the local source for funding breast cancer detection, support and educational awareness in all of Maryland, except Prince George’s and Montgomery counties which are served by Komen National. Since 1993 Komen Maryland has invested more than $28 million in education, diagnosis, treatment and support programs that serve uninsured or under-insured residents. Below is a list of our current community grant recipients.

2017-2018 Komen Maryland Community Grant Recipients

Maintaining Active Citizens, Inc. 
Living Well With Breast Cancer 

Women with breast cancer are at higher risk for weight gain and cancer recurrence risk, yet nutritional support is not easily accessible.  Survivors may be unaware of risks and become overwhelmed by this struggle. This program includes:  A weight loss program tailored to breast cancer survivors; cooking demonstrations/tastings relevant to African American culture; and a one-year evidence-based CDC-recognized Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) for breast cancer survivors with pre-diabetes.

Meritus Healthcare Foundation
Make a Difference Breast Cancer Screening Program

Through a grant from Susan G. Komen Maryland and other partners an average of 400 women in Washington County and the tri-state area are screened each year. Nurse practitioners perform breast exams and instruct women on breast self-awareness. Women who require mammography are pre-scheduled and receive breast care education and screening often the very same day.

A breast health navigator follows up with patients on test results and further diagnostic needs, applies for financial aid, establishes follow-up appointments, arranges for any transportation or translation services and provides emotional support.


Moveable Feast, Inc.
Home-Delivered Meals for Eastern Shore Women with Breast Cancer and their Families 

We provide medically tailored meals, supplements, groceries, produce, and nutritional counseling that gives women a better chance of managing medication side effects and strengthen their bodies while in treatment. Moveable Feast provides home-delivered meals to low-income, uninsured, or under-insured women with breast cancer and their families.

By providing a basic need and meeting our clients in the comfort of their homes, we aim to alleviate barriers such as financial strain, lack of transportation, or anxiety about caring for family. Our Home-Delivered Meals Program addresses the critical need for adequate nutrition and ensures that women who need healthy food do not need to choose between eating, purchasing medication, or paying their rent and utilities.


Northwest Hospital Center, Inc.
Northwest Hospital Freedom to Screen Program

The Freedom to Screen Program at Northwest Hospital provides community outreach, breast cancer education, and screening resources for lower income, uninsured and under-insured women in Baltimore County and City. The goal of the program is to provide women with the resources they need to increase breast cancer awareness and prevention. The program offers assistance in accessing healthcare for the following:

  • Breast cancer screenings
  • Clinical breast exams
  • Mammograms
  • Follow-up diagnostic procedures
  • Patient Navigation
Nueva Vida, Support Network for Latinas with Cancer
Culturally Tailored Access through Navigation for Latina Women in Central Maryland

In the Patient Navigation Program, Nueva Vida’s mission is to support women in overcoming any and all barriers to accessing high-quality cancer screenings, diagnostic exams, and treatment.

One strategy to addressing these disparities has been through the incorporation of patient navigation programs which have shown efficacy as a strategy to reduce cancer mortality. Patient navigation is a process by which an individual—a patient navigator—guides patients with a suspicious finding (e.g., a test shows they may have cancer) through and around barriers in the complex cancer care system to help ensure timely diagnosis and treatment. For example, patient navigators can help with access to screening, diagnostic or treatment services, help patients keep track of appointments, translate during appointments, and provide social support.

Saint Agnes Hospital Foundation, Inc.
Saint Agnes Healthcare Breast Link Program

Our goal is to have women over 40 be educated about proper breast health and screened regularly.  The Saint Agnes Hospital Breast Link Program assures that women in our community, regardless of their health insurance status, have access to the tools and resources needed to make breast health a priority.  The Breast Link Program will make it easy to schedule your annual mammogram.   We aim to provide breast health information to more than 5,000 women in our community, with 200 FREE mammograms offered to those who opt to fully participate in the program. The call you make today may save your life.

University of Maryland Medical System Foundation
Latinas United for Cancer Health and Awareness (LUCHA)

Through the Baltimore City Cancer Program (BCCP) LUCHA identifies Latinas in need of services and to help them overcome any barriers to screening, treatment and follow-up care.  Since 2001, the BCCP has screened more than 33,000 Baltimore City residents and provided more than 11,000 free clinical breast exams, 12,000 mammograms.

Wicomico County Health Department
Closing the Gap: Hispanic Women and Breast Cancer 
Hispanic patient advocates identify, refer and enroll under-insured and uninsured Hispanic women from Wicomico, Worcester and Somerset Counties into a breast cancer screening program. A Hispanic outreach worker and an interpreter provide case management services including interpretation/translation, patient navigation, and transportation. Who is eligible for this program? Hispanic Women of all ages who are residents of Wicomico, Somerset or Worcester counties and who have no health insurance or insurance with high deductibles.
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